Friday, 29 October 2010

The One with the Lippy and the Mascara

So last night I had a few girlfriends over for a home cosmetics party.

You know the sort of thing. Someone comes to demonstrate the products, you all sit there with a glass of wine and some crisps and get tempted to buy pretty, girlie make up and bubble bath and glitter on a wand and so on.

So with sausage casserole consumed from the slow cooker for tea and the boy safely dispatched to bed, proceedings commenced!

Now before I start I must explain that I used to do this. Indeed I used to do this for the exact same company represented last night. So, most unlike me, I'm not in the market to take the mick. I genuinely love and use the products. The thing is I've had a few really bleak days, where I've questioned my ability as a mother and feared my old adversary, depression, was rearing it's ugly head again so basically I was apprehensive about facing people. I'm usually an "entertainer" and I just wasn't in that place. But having done the job myself there was no way I was going to cancel at short notice. The show must go on.

But something happened yesterday afternoon. Suddenly I was "up for it"!  I got a cheeky glass of rose and a few Pringles (other salty snacks are available but seriously once I pop I can not stop) and I went into "performance" mode.

I was larking about with blusher making my cheeks look like Aunt Sally from Worzel Gummidge.

I was sharing intimate details of how difficult it is to get up from the floor since having the boy, without a little... hmm,hmmm ... leakage...

I was popping on creams and gloss and glitter and cracking jokes and gags left, right and centre.

For someone who has spent the best part of last week in tears and borderline depressed, last night wasn't just about lotions and potions.

It was actually a tonic!


  1. Perhaps you should go back to your old job?! Do it in your own home - or maybe branch out into 'Jamie at home' territory - sounds like you're good at it...

  2. Aren't girlfriends the BEST.

    (Hi Kate, feel like am following you around!!)

  3. hello :) Found you via Kate takes 5. I can pinpoint the moment when I got my mojo back after both my kids were born. Both involved my girlfriends and alcohol - def just the tonic!
    Penny x

  4. How lovely to get your comments. Welcome Kate, Midlife 30 and Penny to the Randomness. I'm feeling better today, a combination of girlfriend and cake plus a long walk in the park. I just have to watch myself and know the signs when I start to feel myself "falling" as it were. I promise normal humour will resume shortly. Fab to have you all on board. xxx