Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The One with the Floater!

Tonight we had another parental rite of passage.

We have a downstairs bathroom separated from our kitchen only by a small back lobby and we can chat quite easily between the rooms. So hubby was bathing the boy and I was boiling the kettle for his last bottle of the day and making dinner (Thai prawn and butternut squash curry - Jamie Oliver would be proud of me).

I hear a commotion.

"Oh no! What's that floating in the water?"

It could only mean one thing. The inevitable had happened. The boy had had a number two in his bath.

The reason hubby wasn't alerted and lifted him out in time was because it wasn't accompanied by the usual red faced grunting that signals a poo poo. The boy was quite serene, gazing into space and playing with his ducks! We can only surmise that the warm water had "relaxed" him!

"What do I do now?" asked hubby, trying not to laugh and holding the boy aloft, dripping over the offending bath tub.

"Well he's only just done it. Lift him out and dry him off. He wasn't wallowing in "it" that long, and it is  solid"

Parenthood doesn't half take all the romance out of your conversations with your other half!

We are now both trying not to laugh.

The boy, to his credit, is cracking up and has a very pleased with himself smile.

I go back to making dinner (yes I did wash my hands) and hubby carries on. With the boy now dry and nappy on, hubby proceeds to "fish" the offending items out (the water having broken it up a bit) with wads of loo roll. This is actually more successful than I thought it would be but we still have some "bits" to deal with.

"I'll do it" I volunteer "I've had experience of this."

The experience I refer to is from a weekend spent with friends and their two little girls when their youngest poo'd in the bath and I helped my friend fish it out with a jug!

Hubby takes the boy through to the lounge for his bottle and "In the Night Garden."

I get a plastic jug and proceed to chase my sons poo around a baby bath and flush the soapy, excremental water down the loo. Everything gets a good dose of disinfectant!

There was a time when something like that would have put us both off but we must be getting the hang of this parenting lark.

The boy went to bed and we tucked into our Thai!

Done job! If you pardon the expression......


  1. Parenthood definitely takes the romance away!!! Good job it was the baby bath and not a swimming pool.

    CJ xx

  2. Happened to us once but wasn't solid- baby got a thorough shower off! Could be worse, happened to our friend while he was sharing the bath with his son, hehe. V funny :)

  3. Oh yes good point Marianne, that would've been nasty if hubby was having a bath with the boy and he decided to feel all "relaxed" about his toilet habits.. the boy that is, not hubby!! he,he...