Saturday, 9 October 2010

The One with the Good Winter Telly

This weekend it all begins!

It's the return of what was always known in our house as "Good Winter Telly"!

I know the shows in question have actually been back a few weeks so that's not strictly (how apt) true but what I mean is the preliminary stages are over with. We're onto live shows and elimination's now. The partners have been picked and the first dance, danced (or in some cases dragged round) and on the other side the ones that need to "work on their vocals" have left, the disillusioned, dishevelled and downright wrong have packed up and gone home and the clip of the friend who punch her other friend in the face can mercifully stopped being played!

Yes tonight's the night!

Order the curry, chill the wine, sit back and relax.

Only there's two major problems with this!

As horribly addictive as Strictly and X Factor are, they're no Jim'll Fix it, Generation Game or Two Ronnies are they? They're not a patch on the good winter telly of my youth in the 70's , often referred too as the "Golden Age of Television" when summers were longer and Wagon Wheels were bigger and you could play in the street until half past ten and it was still light (my friend has a theory that everything was black and white back then too but she wasn't born until 1983 so what does she know)!

And secondly they are on all night!

Literally, ALL NIGHT!

Strictly starts at 5.45pm and when that finishes X Factor starts and goes on until ten past ten! Then if your eyes, stomach and constitution can stand it, Piers Morgan is doing a poor man's Parky with a new series of his Life Stories show.

Hubby will freak when he realises he's got to put up with that lot! (I'll break it to him gently that there's another hour and a half of results shows on tomorrow) And the boy has to have bath, bottle and bed during all this too.

Whatever your thoughts on these reality shows, my reality is that Saturday night TV and parenthood just don't mix. On a rough estimate I'll be running about two hours behind the rest of the world tonight.

You can buy new parents all the gadgets, gizmos, travel systems, clothes and toys in the world but I'll give you a tip.

The most useful thing you can get anyone expecting a baby is Sky+!

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