Sunday, 31 July 2011

The One with the Chinese Whispers

Friday night was an NCT girlie night out!

Much needed and now most of us are back at work we don't get the opportunity to get together as much as we would like, either with or without our little ones, so they are much missed.

Two couldn't make it due to family commitments and illness but otherwise it was a fine turnout. It's easier to get into the White House than it is to get eight busy working Mum's together so six of us was good going.

The last time we went out the gin and secrets flowed so we decided this time food might be in order to soak up the booze!

So we went for a Chinese meal. 

The feast was gorgeous, the gin and wine flowed again, the company was beautiful, inspiring and as always wonderfully supportive. We talked about our children sure but we also talked about us, our work, our families, our troubles and then our... hmm hmm ...nether regions!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a group of women get together and there is any kind of drink involved, the conversation will always turn to an intimate nature. But amazingly it wasn't about lack of control, sensitivity or peeing when you run, this was about "adornments"!

One of us got the ball rolling with a piercing but that was soon trumped by a revelation about not one but two tattoos!

What amazed me was the girlfriend in question, when she told us she had something written "down there" (yes actual text), whispered the expression "lady garden"! What a wonderfully coy and old fashioned term to use when you're the kind of gutsy girl to have your Fru Fru tattooed in the first place! Personally I think it's genius. You're never without something to read and I love having something to read on me.

Of course me being me didn't carry on the Chinese whisper theme and said in my fog horn voice,

"Lady garden? What you really mean is you're got writing on your fanny! That brings a whole new meaning to the expression "bedtime reading". 

We laughed. Because we always do when we are together and because I have discovered that nothing bonds eight women more than having babies within six weeks of each other.

If we hadn't have joined NCT we'd have never met. Myself and Lady Garden Lady especially would've had no reason too. She's the youngest, I'm the oldest. Our worlds just wouldn't have crossed. Yet I love her more than I can say and she makes me laugh more than I could've imagined.

They all do. And I wouldn't be without them for the world. Even if only for the fact that I now know at least one of them has always got something on her for me to read......

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