Thursday, 14 July 2011

The One Where We Visit My Work

For weeks now my work colleagues have been saying bring the boy into the office one day for a quick visit.

Several of them haven't seen him for a while and they liked the idea of him coming in, running around, causing havoc for 20 minutes or so and then clearing off again.

Well it breaks up the day doesn't it.

So this afternoon we made a flying visit to my work. In hindsight it probably wasn't the wisest thing to do as the boy hadn't had his usual two hour nap. He'd fallen asleep whilst driving home from Jingles class this morning and Hubby  and I weren't successful in getting him from car to cot without him waking up. I reckon he'd had 15 minutes kip tops!

I thought I'd try to get him to sleep again after lunch but I still had no luck, so needing a supermarket near to my work, I bundled him into the car for an adventure!

After clearing reception and buzzing in I set him down to run towards an unsuspecting office of people trying to do some work. Or at least look like they were if any directors were watching!

We really wanted to see Ken, as she's one of the boys Godmothers, but she was in a meeting so my intended 15 minutes stop soon turned to half an hour!

One thing I've had confirmed to me today is he's not shy my boy! 

He made himself right at home. First he zoned in on a desk decorated for a chap getting married this Saturday. It was festooned with balloons and streamers!

"Ball. Ball. Ball" the boy demanded. Anything round in his mind is a ball. One of the balloons popped loudly as it was being detached from it's sellotape. He didn't even flinch!

Next thing I knew he had been presented with two balloons which he then held to his chest proudly and declared


I thought Byron was going to fall off her chair from laughing.

Next he decided to explore the copy room. Several times. Barbie tried closing the door but the boy found a way through.

I stopped to talk to someone for a second, I lost sight of him. It was ok he was just hurtling towards the accounts department brandishing my calculator like some sort of manic mini number cruncher.

He nipped behind a directors desk. He ran into the boardroom. He sat on a swivel chair and twirled around whilst holding a pencil my boss had given him. 

Despite his lack of sleep he smiled, laughed, charmed, bewitched and beguiled everyone.

He ran me ragged!

It was remarked upon, more than once, that I must be kept fit by all this chasing around and now the boy is sturdy on his feet I should expect a nice slim figure to emerge. I have to admit given those frantic 30 minutes I mused to myself why I'm not a size 8?

After we left I was exhausted and the boy still seemed no nearer a sleep, not even with the motion of the car. We stopped off at the Asda close by. I was frazzled and hungry. Bags of Cadburys Chocolate Fingers were on offer for £1.

I think there I have the answer to my question and you can guess the rest......

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