Sunday, 10 July 2011

The One with the Finished Article

It's been a crazy 48 hours!

By 8 am this morning hubby had been up the shops and got two copies of The Independent on Sunday and I'd been interviewed on local BBC radio.

I've had texts, tweets, Facebook messages and e-mails all day to congratulate us on our bravery and say what a great piece it is.

The response has been overwhelming.

So this is it! Random Woman makes the national press in all her glory. Pages 14 and 15 of The Independent on Sunday.

Page 15 seems very apt somehow.

After all this would appear to be my 15 minutes of fame....



  1. Just ead the last 3 posts and all i can say is well done, for such a good cause... the photo looks good ...

  2. Thank you Frankie P. The pic made it's way into the Daily Express today too! It's all mad. Can't wait to start raising money and rehearsing the show. Got loads of ideas. I should be in PR!!

  3. FANTASTIC!!!!! I loved the Movie and I can't wait to see the show at our local theatre! You are SO brave!

  4. He,he... brave or mad! There's a thin line....