Sunday, 7 August 2011

The One with the Chunky Monkey Cake, the Roast Dinner and the Cleaning

The last couple of weeks have been particularly tough for various reasons. Worries about friends, family, my work, Granddad Ah Oh's work and Hubby's work have all come together like buses. Or Nanu's as the boy would say!

We're coming through it and soon I'll be able to tell you more but what I can say at the moment is that I've been surprised by my reaction to it all.

I've come over all house proud!

I've made a list of all the chores that need doing around the home. Nothing unusual about that. I love a list. But I've actually been doing them! 

Yesterday I swept floors, did the food shopping, threw out dead flowers and re-arranged the live ones, cleaned the kitchen cupboards, surfaces and sink, made a cake and cooked a roast dinner.

Here's the link for the recipe for Chunky Monkey Cake.

Because I don't think I've ever made a recipe I haven't fiddled with, I replaced three teaspoons of plain flour with cocoa. I only used three bananas, otherwise the mixture is too sloppy. I used milk chocolate chips and instead of walnuts I used dried apricots, but sometimes I use raisins or sultanas, I just didn't have any in because the boy had eaten them all! 

I have a cup of tea and a slice by my side as I type.

The boy helped me. Well in as much as he stood and watched as I explained each stirring, whisking, chopping, bowl scraping process and shouted "cake, cake, cake" at me assuming that it would magically appear like the shopkeeper in Mr Benn. It's very hard to get a 17 month old to understand it takes 45 minutes to cook at Gas mark 5!

After the boy had gone to bed I did roast chicken for mine and hubby's dinner with a very drinkable glass of Pinot Grigio  (or two!)

Bless hubby, after all that activity he washed up what the dishwasher wouldn't take.

I have no idea if this flurry of cleaning, tidying, cooking and general housewifery will last but I'm finding it all very strange.

For Christ sake I even did some ironing!

Things must be bad!

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