Thursday, 7 July 2011

The One with the Ice Pack Down My Pants!

My back has gone again!

Not as bad as last time and I at least have a stock of emergency drugs in the cupboard, so I am mobile of sorts but lifting the boy isn't easy and I have resorted to stuffing one of those blue ice blocks you put into freezer bags, wrapped in a tea towel, down the back of my knickers.

Alternating hot and cold seems to help, running about after an over excited boy waving a tambourine with abandon at his music group this morning, doesn't!

I am amazed at how well the boys language and speech is coming on and even if he can't always answer me he understands a lot of what I say and ask him but, "Please don't play me up today, Mummy has a bad back, is in pain and likely to keel over at any moment" seems to have escaped his comprehension.

We had a bad night with him, he woke up at 2 am screaming, wanting to go out in the car, wanting me to read him a story, wanting to play and finally wanting a full 7 oz of milk to even get him to be quiet let alone go back to sleep!

Then this morning he was like a whirling dervish at Jo Jingles up and down like a yo yo and running away from me at every turn. I tried in vain but I could feel the back twinge everytime I had to get up and chase him across the room. It was swelling up and the burning sensation started to spread in the lower back. This wasn't looking good.

Jingles is very structured and although it's not the full on Joyce Grenfell "George, don't do that" sketch from the 1960's it can be rather "prim" at times. 

The boy doesn't do "prim"!

Today my back doesn't do the boy!

So pass the ice, both for my back and my son. Anything to cool them down!

And if there's any left, some in a large G&T wouldn't go a miss either.....

Well I need something to wash the pain killers down with don't I!

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  1. Arh, can relate to all of the about, my back is always sore.. I get it sorted and then within a couple of days its gone again running after the 2yo....

    try this stuff