Friday, 7 January 2011

The One with the Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Well I'm back from the Christmas break (and by "a break" I mean a husband with flu, a baby with upset tummy, a fraudster cloning my debit card and taking all the money out of my current account and someone smacking into the passenger door of my car leaving a massive dent - apart from that lovely Christmas thanks - you?).

So here I am ready to entertain, inform, amuse and delight you with randomness all again!!

So a new year then, and 2011 sees me return to work in three weeks time, the boys first birthday, back on stage in a show in March and summer family holidays away with friends and visiting family.

But before all that we still have the depths of Winter to contend with!

Many people see January as a fresh start. New diet, new job, new years resolutions, new you infact! But I've always hated January. I'm usually still too sluggish after Christmas (this year I can't even blame alcohol - what with no sleep and middle of the night bum changes I didn't touch a drop Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day!)  I've always seen September as a more natural time for new beginnings with it being the start of the academic year. But that's just me!

However this year, now the Xmas decs are packed away, the last of the sweets have been gobbled up (I had to resort to sucking the chocolate off  the coconut ones so desperate was I for sugar) and hubby has returned to work I feel a sense of "getting back to normal" and for the first time January doesn't fill me with dread.

I've made no resolutions. No expectations. No plans. I'm going to just see what 2011 brings.

I guess now a new year isn't just about me and my plans anymore so maybe motherhood has made me appreciate this time more?

Or it could just be that there's wall to wall darts on in January!!


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