Thursday, 20 January 2011

The One with the Seasonal Aisle

Right so I was in Asda yesterday (normally I'm more discreet about name dropping retailers details on here but today I name and shame) and they were selling Easter Eggs!

Not just little Cadburys Creme Eggs but proper, big, £2 a pop Easter Eggs.

I thought I was indignant at Paperchase having a display of Valentines Cards on 28th December but this takes the chocolate coated biscuit.

Good Friday is 22nd April!

Easter is three months away!

Three months!

A quarter of a year to be precise!

No wonder we all complain that time seems to go so quickly and the months and years fly by nowadays! It's shops making us believe that events and public holidays are all a lot closer than they actually are. I remember the exuberance of the school summer holidays starting being blunted by going into Woolies in town (ahh Woolworths - a minutes silence I think) and seeing the "Back to School" signs. Christmas has started by August Bank Holiday Monday, at which point if you're not had your summer holiday by then you can no longer buy shorts or a swimsuit because the boutiques are full of "New Seasons" winter coats and jumpers!

And then Halloween and Bonfire night get swallowed up somehow as Christmas bulldozes it's way towards December with alarming speed.

I thought that at least we'd have a little respite in the early part of the year with just a gentle nod at Valentines Day and a prod at pancake Tuesday.

But no! I've not long taken my tinsel down and according to Asda it's Easter.

All they need to do now is develop a mincemeat flavoured hot cross bun and we'll be laughing.


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  1. Great post! I'm so with you, I think it's absolutely ridiculous that supermarkets are stocking Easter eggs - they have started stocking them in Tesco, too. It's just as case of who can sell the most eggs before Easter.

    And another thing, it's not surprising this country has a generation of obesity when supermarket shelves are stocked with crap three months before they need to be.

    CJ xx