Friday, 30 September 2011

The One With the Tree Surgeon and My Pants

Next door are having a huge eucalyptus tree removed from their garden.

We knew the work was going to happen soon so we were prepared and looking forward to all the lovely light it would reveal and flood into the back of our house. We just didn't quite know the exact date it was going to happen.

This morning the tree surgeons turned up!

When they arrived I was feeding the boy his breakfast, clad only in a t-shirt and my pants. Well it's been unseasonably warm so I've slept in little else. Inspired by a recent Twitter conversation about music, I'd dug out "Funky Divas" by En Vogue and was trying to get the boy to eat his Bitesize Shredded Wheat whilst booty bouncing, badly, to 'Free Your Mind". I'd not thought anything of this when suddenly there was a knock on the back door.

I turned and looked out of my dining room window to see a young, fit and very hot young tree surgeon smiling back at me!

Hubby was only in his dressing gown but I still sent him to the back door in preference to my pant wearing self. Hubby was not impressed with my state of undress and brazen attitude.

"Put some clothes on" he chastised

"Ah go on" I said "It's all right. I've got a nice bum and legs. Shame my tits are dragging on the floor but I think I got away with it."

"No you haven't" hubby hissed "They're laughing"

Two other, young, hot, fit tree surgeons emerged from next doors garden. They'd obviously all seen my 'Strictly Come Twatting About' through the window and were quite frankly pissing themselves!

"We'll be making a bit of a mess of your garden today" the hot tree surgeon said to hubby suppressing his giggles "Sorry about that!"

Not as sorry as I was feeling!

"We'll be done by the end of the day." he assured us.

In reality the job has turned out to be larger than they first anticipated, not helped by one of their number having a log fall on his leg, resulting in a trip to A&E and the poor chap ending up on crutches.

The upshot of all this means they'll be here all next week. 

Not that I'm complaining. I've had a very pleasant view out of my window all day.

Much more pleasant than they one they had first thing this morning.....


  1. Brilliant.... and in this weather they would have their shirts off as well... Hilarious as always

  2. So funny! I hope you had your best pants on for the following week! Reminds me of the time I opened the door to the postman in my jeans and bra. Not good!