Monday, 26 September 2011

Listography/The One With Five Celebrities I'd Like To Have A Beer With

I'm joining in with a fellow bloggers "Listography" this week over at Kate Takes 5.

Every week she gives us bloggers a topic and we chuck our four penneth worth in.

This week it's "The Five Celebrities I'd Like To Go For A Beer With".

I've never been for a drink with a celebrity, which is a source of disappointment to me now I think about it.

I've sat on the same table at lunch as 3-2-1's Ted Rogers, I once bought a gin and tonic for the woman who played Jacko's sister in Brush Strokes and I also bought a whiskey for the comedy writer Mike Craig. 

I was having a drink in the same room as Roy Hudd and June Whitfield and they were drinking too. They didn't talk to me. To be fair they didn't know who I was so there was no reason why they should.

I've been lucky enough to meet a few celebrities over the years via Hubby's work and at various charity golf days I went to with my Mum and Dad when I was younger.  And by just hanging about at the back of theatres. Stalking people! No that's a joke. I don't stalk people. Well not anymore. I promised the judge I'd stop!

I've even met a few of my idols, Paul Merton, Ronnie Corbett and Paula Radcliffe (it's an eclectic mix). I once saved Sir Terry Wogan from certain death from a golf cart (that's a "bit" of an exaggeration really. I just said 'Oh mind out! there's a golf cart coming" and we stepped aside as he signed an autograph for me) and Jimmy Tarbuck once remarked on my resemblance to his daughter - who was only standing a few feet away and yet to have become a household name. He didn't, however, remark on my dad's resemblance to him! 

So all in all I've had my fair share of celebrity spots but I've never had a beer with one.

This was going to take some thinking about. I do love a list and this one wasn't to be rushed.

I started off with a 'long list' with the intention of narrowing it down.

When I finished I realised that nearly everyone was a comedian, they were all male and mostly all dead!

I scrapped that list and started another!

I asked Hubby for his opinion. Hubby is notorious for hating just about everyone on TV (with the exception of his own private list of course) and couldn't think of anyone he'd like to go for a beer with. 

"What no one? No random guitarists, heavy metal musicians or footballers?" I asked

Hubby thought!

"No!" he concluded "Most people on TV are w*nkers"! and that was the gospel according to Hubby.

For someone who always aspired to be in the public eye herself this wasn't an encouraging response!

So anyway, after much thought and deliberation here are my final five:

1) Jimmy Carr 


He reminds me Bob Monkhouse, who was one of the sadly deceased celebrities on my long list. He's as dry as a martini, wickedly funny, topical and often just that little bit over the mark. He also laughs like a drain. 

2) Liza Tarbuck


As I mentioned it has been said I look a bit like her! In fact when The Big Breakfast was at it's peak I worked with a chap who looked like Johnny Vaughan. Oh how we laughed. She is also very funny, a great presenter and actress and she's Jimmy Tarbuck's daughter. What more reason do you need. He's comedy royalty!

3) Peter Kay


He doesn't drink. But we'd have a Baileys because we don't give a sh*t! 

I would probably freak him out by quoting his entire act back to him! Garlic bread and cheesecake anyone?

4) Eric Morecambe


If I could turn back time, I'd tell Cher that see through net body suit and chaps were a bad idea, but more importantly I'd meet Eric Morecambe. I'd make sure he only drank squash because booze would be bad for his heart and I'd tell him to go home early and stop jumping about like a teenager. I'd bring a paper bag though so he could do the imaginary ball trick. But I'd like to think he always carried one anyway. Just in case.

5) Sir Terry Wogan


He's the reason I love the radio. Why I still love listening to it. Why I love broadcasting on it. 
I also reckon we could do a bottle of Irish whisky a fair bit of damage. 

So there they are. My top five celebrity drinking buddies. In my dreams hey!

Pop over to Kate Takes 5 and have a look at who others bloggers have chosen.

Cheers. All the best!


  1. Ah Terry - nice to see him get a mention!

  2. Interesting list. Big yes to Peter Kay but others all good too