Friday, 16 September 2011

The One With The Indiscreet Tweet and The "List"!

When it comes to social media I've always been a bit of a Facebook girl. 

Up until now! 

In the last few days I've been swayed by the power of Twitter. I only set up an account to promote the blog initially but "Clementine", (the last of the boy's Fairy Godmother's to get her own blog name), persuaded me that it "kicks Facebook's arse" and I should start following other bloggers and people in the media. 

Only trouble is I can't use it!

It took me a week to find the hash key! 

In my defence the hash key on my keyboard gave me a pound sign and the pound sign gave me a dash and so on! Nothing was where it was supposed to be. This wouldn't be quite so laughable if it weren't for the fact that I used to work in IT!

No wonder they made me redundant!

Twitter is fast moving and as upfront or anonymous as you want it to be. You can follow anyone without having to wait for them to accept you as a friend, including famous people!

A couple of days ago, I replied to a tweet from the amazing Beverley Knight about her tour dates. To my surprise and sheer delight she tweeted me back. I'm such a  big fan that I was thrilled and a bit giddy that she'd answered! 

I'm easily pleased, me!

Buoyed and brave from my Twitter success I replied to a tweet from one of my favourite actors, Neil Fitzmaurice, who's currently playing naughty boy Fergus in Mount Pleasant on Sky 1.

He answered too!

I was proper star struck. So I tweeted to my followers (all 43 of them - but everyone precious) the following:

"I'm on a roll with this famous person lark. Neil Fitzmaurice has tweeted me back now. I've gone all hot and giggly."

Only trouble was I'd copied his twitter name in!

So he saw it!!!

Told you I didn't know what I was doing!

Because he is an absolute top bloke with a wicked sense of humour he saw the funny side and we ended up having a little twitter chat. Which only served to prolong the flush in my cheeks and the girlie giggling!

When I explained it all to hubby later, he asked why?

"Well, he's on my list isn't he!"

"What list?" hubby queried

"You know.... "the list"! The list of famous people were allowed to.... you know"

Hubby finally cottoned on.

"Oh "that" list! What him? Ray Von from Phoenix Nights?"

"Well he doesn't look like that all the time" I said justifying my choice of celebrity crush.

"Who else is on your "list" then?"

"Paul Hollywood, Philip Glenister, Phil Mickelson and .... ummmm.... Fireman Sam!"

"Fireman Sam!" hubby spluttered " You know he's not real don't you?"

"I like his voice" I muttered sheepishly. 

"He's Welsh. You can't stand the Welsh! God you like some weird people" 

I daren't tell him about  Lord Tumble from Something Special and Captain Barnacles from Octonauts, he'd divorce me on the grounds of deviancy with cartoon characters.

"Who have you got then?" I asked him

"Sophie Raworth, Kerry from CBeebies, Sue Perkins and Rachel Weisz." rattling off the names a tad too quickly for my liking.

"What? I'll give you the news reader but the rest...." I exclaim.

"What's wrong with them?"

"Well nothing, apart from one's only got one arm, one's a lesbian and the last one's gorgeous and married to James Bond. Best of luck with that!"

There followed that silence that only 12 years of marriage can create and then instantly dismiss with laughter.

We decided we watch too much children's TV.

And that I shouldn't go on anymore social media networking sites.

Well, not at least until I've learnt how to use them.... oops!


  1. Brilliant, i get a guarantee laugh every time i pop over to your blog... You have to a list don't you... but Fireman Sam.. really??

  2. I think you'll find he's the hero next door Frankie P. I'm a sucker for a uniform - even a CGI one!

  3. This made me laugh so much. Brilliant:) And so glad to hear we're not the only couple that have a list:) Had to blog about it linking to your blog post. Hope it's okay.

  4. Haha! Glad you managed to find the # key eventually! I'm very impressed that you managed to get responses from celebs! I've tweeted people a few times, got no response and then got paranoid that my actual followers think I'm crazy sending messages to famous people! Hilarious about Fireman Sam. But Lord Tumble?!! I think it might be time to change the channel! ;)

  5. Sorry not been on here much recently. Yes Mette that's fine - always lovely to link blogs.

    Yes Lord Tumble is a strange one. I watch far too much CBeebies. Much better to stick to Mount Pleasant and gorgeous Fitzyfella!