Saturday, 3 September 2011

The One With All The Names

Last night was another night out with some of the NCT girls.

I'm feeling it today!

I'm drinking pints of squash and have just had a quarter pounder with cheese and fries for my lunch! It's the only time I ever eat MacDonalds, after a night out with the girls!

We went for a Chinese (can you tell the diet has gone out of the window) and the conversation turned to my blog.

Lady Garden Lady couldn't make it this time but Hippy Chick was there. The other three ladies present didn't have blog names yet. 

"What am I called?" they all asked

"Well, you don't have names " I explained.

They wanted them! I was very flattered they wanted to be part of the Random World. So we discussed what they could be called.

It's lovely when friends want to be part of something. It's even lovelier when they want to be part of something you've created.

We ate, talked and laughed. A lot! 

The girls all searched for names. It was as if they wanted to get their stripes. Like Badge Quest on Chuggington! 

So here they are, more characters for the cast of my Random World.

Biker Chick was going to be known as Fatty Arbuckle after she confessed that when 18 years old she ate the "Arbuckle" challenge of a starter, a 26 oz steak with all the trimmings and a knickerbocker glory just to get a T-shirt! Afterwards she felt sick and her Dad told her he would've bought her the t-shirt anyway. She got the meal for free. Fatty Arbuckle's has since closed down! 

Rizzlers is so known because of her home made attempt at false eyelashes from cigarette papers on our very first NCT night out. She'd take little or no persuasion to do tequila shots but never let her have Chardonnay. By her own admission she gets "fighty"! Last night she lived up to her nickname by trying to make rollies from duck and hoi sin sauce pancakes but the duck was crispy not smoked so it didn't work... (ha,ha... I'm here all week)!

Vixen I nearly called Minstrel because of her love of black and white. But it's a bit too obscure and shows my age! I can't really go into why she's Vixen but let's just say she is and leave it at that. She's not a Gladiator before anyone asks but this nickname does make her sound like one! 

Amongst all the hard sounding Gladiator names like Wolf, Cobra, Hunter and Jet I always wanted there to be one called Sponge Finger who came on eating cakes and didn't take it seriously at all. That would've been me!

So now there's only two ladies in the group who don't have names!

We need another night out with them so they can earn their badges too!

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  1. It was a joy and my face ached from laughing.

    Love your randomness and the beauty of you random lady. You keep me smiling and I have one thing to say to you and that's ... ham!!

    Love to you

    from the cauldren stirring hippy chick!! xx