Sunday, 8 May 2011

The One Where the Boy Walks

We have lift off! 

The boy has turned one small step for boy-kind in several small steps and taken that giant leap into walking around unaided!

He's been furniture surfing since he could pull himself up at 8 months old and on Mother's Day at the start of April he took a couple of steps towards me and from then on would walk if you held his hand but the lack of confidence to let go, coupled with the knowledge that he could cover a lot more ground crawling, made him reluctant to fly solo.

On Friday he made the passage from baby to toddler and walked across Nanny P's lounge. She's got a big lounge my Mum so that was no mean feat (or feet if you want the full pantomime pun) and from then on there's been no stopping him.

I have to say I am so relived. Nothing it would seem brings out the judgemental nature of friends and family like a 13/14 month old who hasn't started walking. I wish I'd had a pound for every time I'd heard "Is that child not walking yet". 

I have, on occasions, been tempted to retort that it's difficult to stand up straight with people on your back all the time but politeness prevented me from such sarcasm! 

Now he is walking, those very same people nod knowingly at you and say "Oh now the fun really begins. He'll be into everything and you'll be run off your feet." 

Charming! If that's the case why have you been on at me to get him to walk! 

But really I don't care. He can explore everything if he wants. I'm just so proud my little man is up and about. Don't touch that darling. Oh mind Nanny's ornaments. Hang on babe you'll bump your head.... 

I see what the well meaning busybodies meant now...

These might be giant steps for a little man but Houston we have a problem....

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