Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The One Where I'm Struggling

The boy turned 18 months at the weekend!

It's one of those milestones that people recognise. According to several baby websites it is the watershed at which your child is no longer a baby and becomes officially a "toddler"!

18 months seems to be a pivotal time. A time to move on to the next stage. The questions begin.

"Are you having another one?"

"Are you potty training him yet?"

"Is he using a knife and fork?"

"Can he calculate pi to 0.1 degree accuracy using only his toes, some mega blocks and a box of raisins?"


That's right. No! 

No, no, no and of course NO!

Can you tell I'm a bit p'd off?

I've not blogged for 9 days now and it's not like me. It's because Im struggling and when I'm struggling I'm not very funny. And lets face you lovely people deserve funny.

I'm just struggling with everything; being a mum to a toddler who has developed the terrible two's 6 months early and screams pretty much most of the day. Housework. My weight. Not having enough hours in the day. Am I being a good Mum or am I relying on the TV too much. Worrying about friends and family and family of friends. Life in general.

I'm sure it's just a blip. It's certainly made worse by the aftershock of my redundancy. 

I just feel lost.

You have a baby and you think the world has flipped. It certainly changes. That's fine. You get used to it. You even enjoy it. 

And then overnight your beautiful giggling baby turns in a monster!

Where did my boy go?

He became a toddler!!!!


  1. Yes they do become little monsters.. Some days i wonder who took my happy little boy and replaces him with an evil gremlin who stamps his feet and throws things.. The joy of parenting apparently....

  2. Poor you!! Sadie started the terrible twos at 18months as well, feel better soon x

  3. Thanks ladies. It's good to know it's not just happening to me. Of course I know it isn't, it just feels like it is at the time. In an ironic move the boy woke up from his nap, after I'd blogged, as right as rain, happy as Larry and all those other clichés. Played nicely with his mate this afternoon, ate all his tea, giggled laughed and splashed in the bath and went to bed like a dream! The little sod!! he,he....

  4. No you're not the only one though sometimes it feels it! They get more frustrating and more wonderful all the time - promise!