Thursday, 11 November 2010

The One with the Big Chicken and the Left Over Stuffing

I did a big chicken on Sunday!

By "did" I mean roast of course (although given the current slang for that expression it still sounds dodgy but you know what I mean).

We are still eating the left overs. (and so is Oscar).

This, of course, was the point. My maternity pay has now ended and the economy drive begins.

So we had a roast dinner on Sunday, I minced some up for the boy to store in the freezer, I've made stock from the chicken carcass, we've had sandwiches for lunch on Monday,chicken salad, fajitas and now a pot of curry is bubbling on the stove.

All in all very good value.

But this leftovers lark has given rise to two questions.

What do you do with left over stuffing? I can't think of anything. As yummy as it is I didn't think it was appropriate to put it in with the boys roast dinner mix. It was Aunt Bessies and she may be the patron saint of the fuss free easy roast dinner but I'm sure it's not suitable for an 8 month old child!  

I've taken to slicing bits off and topping it with the left over guacamole from the fajitas! Now I read that back it sounds disgusting but in truth it is alarmingly good. Try it! I dare you!

Which brings me to my other dilemma.

What do you do with the leftovers of the leftovers?

I've used left over veg and chicken for this curry and I have a pot the size of a small manhole cover cooking away. We'll never eat all that in one sitting. They'll be leftovers. Of the leftovers.

If this carries on I may never cook a meal from scratch again. Everything will be traced back to that one big roast chicken and if I can do that now imagine what I can do with a Christmas lunch!

That's dinners for January sorted then....

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