Saturday, 11 September 2010

The One with the Words

The boy has found his voice in the last week or so. Gurgles and coos have turned to sounds and chatter. It's amazing and another clue to his personality.

Now given he's our son he was never going to follow a conventional path but I guess I thought his first word would be Dadda, Mumma or Bubba. Something fairly standard. No!

It was Barbara!

Now it could be we've been watching too much of "The Good Life" on UK Gold or it could be I've shown him too many Carry On films (although Ms Windsor was only in 9 of them - good thing to know for pub quizzes that). He certainly hasn't got his fixation for Babs from watching Eastenders thank goodness - especially now as Peggy (get outta my pub) Mitchell has just gone up in flames!

No, the Barbara love stems from a toy sheep sent too him from good friends in America. A soft, white toy sheep all the way from California. A Hollywood Lamb if you like. We named her Barbara ( Baa- bara - get it?) and the lad fell instantly in love with her. His face lights up when he sees her. I now daren't leave the house without her.

It's all about the Barbara!

His second attempt at a word was Dadda...

I'd assume I'm coming in a poor third after Dad and a stuffed cuddly lamb but there's Oscar the cat and whole shelf of other teddies to come before me.

Mumma, Mumma..... repeat after me darling. You know you want too......

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  1. His first word!!! I love it.

    Cheeky Monkey is going to be extremely jealous when he learns of this. Maybe best not to tell him :)