Friday, 17 September 2010

The One with the Home Cooking

Carrot stains!

So does sweet potato!

So does butternut squash!

In fact my life is pretty much orange now. And by life I mean my floor, my walls, the boys highchair, clothes, bibs, bowls and spoons! Oh and his face and hair too.

Babies have a remarkable aim when it comes to flicking. I thought I'd got all the stray bits of parsnip and apple the other day only to find a huge splodge on the back of the boys head about an hour after lunch! Dislodging dried parsnip from baby fine hair without inducing tears is a skill I never thought I'd acquire. 

If you want to ruin a top get a baby to spit carrot back at you. It's up there with turmeric for sheer staining staying power. My hubby says broccoli is evil but to my mind it's carrot who is the vegetable genius behind it all. Carrot is Goldfinger to broccoli's Scaramanga! I expect you to die Mr. Bond. Dyed orange! 

I've been trying to be a model mummy and give him all my home cooking. I love cooking so all the peeling, chopping and pureeing hasn't been a hardship, honest. I have neat little freezer bags, carefully labelled and chock full of individual mashed and mushed vegetables to mix, match and defrost as required. They've been going down reasonably well too which makes it all worth while. Although in the last couple of days I can see boredom setting in. I've had this combination before Mummy, next! And certain veg like swede has been greeted with a pulled "face".

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not some kind of Annabel Karmel saint. When we're out and about the boy will have ready made meals. So with this in mind and an all day event coming up soon I thought I'd test out a jar for tea last night. Not as good as mummy makes surely?

He wolfed down the whole lot! Not a "face" or a grimace in sight.

The Delia in me was deflated I can tell you.

Maybe I've been approaching this all wrong? It's not carrot that wants to take over the world. 

It's Heinz!


  1. I remember doing all the meals for Amy when she was a toddler, and freezing them to heat up during the week. Unfortunately, at 10 years old, the mess still remains!!!

    CJ xx

  2. Welcome Crystal Jigsaw to my randomness. You are my first follower from BMB and my first that I don't already know. I feel like a real blogger now. I have a fan!

    We delved into the world of blueberries today! Purple haze man, purple haze.....