Thursday, 2 September 2010

The One with What to Wear?

I've just finished writing the wording for the Naming Day ceremony on Saturday, 130 sausage rolls are made and safely stored in the freezer and two cakes that improve with a day or two in the tin are baked and getting sticky. The sandwiches are ordered, the bar is booked and the Prosecco on ice (ever since I found out my great great grandparents on my Father's side were Italian I've gone all Sophia Loren on everyone)

I have a final shopping list to get but all in all it's pretty much done.

Just one small problem that I hadn't even considered before now!

What am I going to wear?

I have an outfit for the boy and I've told everyone it's causal and not too dressy as I want people to be comfortable but as the mother of the boy I suppose I should float around looking fabulous!

I'm just not in a very fabulous place body wise at the moment. I'm having one of those "It's a pity Millets in the town closed otherwise I'd buy a tent to wear." days.

The "Next" delivery lady has just dropped off a parcel and I'm almost too scared to open it. It contains a pair of back up trousers (accidents happen when you're 6 months old) for the boy, a new winter coat for him I couldn't resist oh and a top for me.

This is the trouble, once you become a mum you stop looking at clothes for yourself and go instantly to the baby section. It's partly guilt about spending money on anything other than your child, partly what's the point in buying new stuff it only gets covered in unmentionable substances anyway and partly nothing fits your post natal body.

Don't get me wrong I've shifted my baby weight. It's the extra weight I was carrying before I got pregnant I need to work on now. Also my whole body shape has changed.

I used to hold a lot of weight on my stomach, now the tummy isn't too bad but the flab has all travelled kind of up to produce a set of spare tyres even The Stig would have trouble wearing out on the track!

It doesn't spell effortless glamour I can assure you.

So I'm off to open the parcel before nap time ends and see what it has in store for me.

If it the top is ok I have some perennial black trousers for it to go with. Oh and some tummy control pants.

Although magic knickers may not be enough. On these tyres I may need a full MOT.....


  1. Have you ever noticed that, no matter what size you get there are a umber of 'versions' of you?
    1. This is the view you get as you look down at yourself - Sure, you've gained a few pounds but, if you suck everything in, it doesn't look too bad considering.
    2. This is when you look in the mirror - not and special mirror, just your usual home type mirror. In this, you realise that perhaps you are not quite the 'racing snake' physique of old but still, with a little suck here and there, it's still not too bad.
    3. The final horror - The photo!!!! Suddenly, it all becomes crystal clear. In my case, I look generally like John Goodman and, in recent times, with sideburns for a play, I look like a cross between a fat Wolverine and a fat Ray Dorsett (look him up).

  2. The top was no good. It had frilly cuffs and a silk panel across the tummy area. I looked like a cross between Lawrence Lllwelyn Bowen and the Michellin Man!!!