Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The One with the Random Interview

Yesterday I was invited onto local BBC radio to talk about my blog.

Yes this little old random blog. 

As you know I've been on local radio quite a few times for various reasons mostly to talk about shows I've been in, current Mum type issues, newspaper reviews or chatting about my new business.

But this time it was all about my blog.

I wondered what on earth I could say about my inane random rambles that, thankfully, you all seem to enjoy so much and that I love to write.

I made some notes. Things I thought she might ask me. When did I start, how often do I write, why do I write, what have been my favourite posts? Just pointers incase I got stuck for words. As if. Talk the hind legs off a donkey me. 

I'd never spoken to this presenter before but very quickly it became clear that she was a fan of my writing. I had made her laugh. I love to make people laugh. It makes me feel warm. It makes me feel loved.

As an aspiring broadcaster myself I always find it encouraging to hear female presenters on the radio. To my mind their aren't enough. Women's voices can be soothing and personally I'd much rather hear them. There are no female presenters on Radio 2's main daytime weekly output and I think the station is poorer for it.  

We chatted about the blog names I give my friends and family and I suggested the presenter would like one of her own. I knew she must be a fan when she seemed very enthusiastic at the prospect.

So here's the listen again link to the broadcast. To find me go 39 minutes in and you'll hear my dulcet tones chatting to Wavy Lady.

Of course once you listen you'll find out Wavy Lady's real name along with mine but hey you can't promote a blog and stay anonymous all your life can you.

And if anyone can work out why I have called her Wavy Lady then... well there's no prize I'm afraid because we're skint! 

But you can have your own blog name as a reward!


  1. Strangely enough no I don't. it's been so long since I saw you mate I've never blogged about you. We should meet up for a coffee (tea for me) then I can write a blog! You could be Dr Twit or something else if you like. How about I call you BFITW best friend in the world? xxxx