Sunday, 8 January 2012

The One With the Guilty Pleasure

I never used to like January.

Christmas was my favourite time and I had to wait a whole year for it to come round again. It was cold. It was dark in the mornings. It meant going back to work. It was frankly miserable.

But now I don't mind it at all. 

It's still twelve months until Christmas and its still cold and dark but it's no longer miserable because....

The darts is on!

I blooming LOVE the darts. 

I watched the "proper" PDC darts on Sky with Phil Taylor and the like before Christmas and that's great. After all those guys can really play. They're banging in 180's and 11,10 and even 9 dart finishes all over the place.

But the darts that are truly my guilty pleasure are the rubbish BDO darts from Lakeside which started on BBC2 yesterday.

Until you get to the final these guys are playing glorified pub darts. The 180's are few and far between and they regularly get down to needing double 1 to check out! Hubby says the ultimate score in the rubbish darts is 26, as it shows just how inconsistent the player is, by getting the 1 and the 5 either side of the only 20 they can muster with 3 darts!

Indeed every time the guy calling out the scores says "22" or "37" in that long drawn out style only darts commentators can do, there's a definite feeling that you could play just as well. 

My Granddad played darts for the local British Legion team when I was young and one of my earliest memories was being stood on a box in the parlour and being taught how to play darts on a Saturday afternoon! As an aside my Uncle bought a snooker table from my Mum's club book (does anyone still have club books?) and we used to set that up after final score had been on and we'd had tea. I'd then spend the evening being taught how to play snooker!

I do love those memories of a miss-spent yet supervised youth. After all there's nothing like a bit of snooker or especially darts to sharpen up your mental arithmetic!

What I really love is the pantomime theatrical element to darts. All the players walk on to their own theme music, accompanied by a dolly bird on each arm. They all have nicknames like Scotty Dog, The Wolf Man and The Count causing the crowd, to woof, howl or dress up like Dracula. 

You haven't lived until you've seen a bloke in a cape come on stage to a rave track which starts "This is my territory be on your way" and chuck plastic bats into the crowd, just to play darts! 

So I'm looking forward to wallowing in a week of Martin "Wolf Man" Adams and Ted "The Count" Hankey talking the big talk, walking the big walk and then only getting "58"! I do highly recommend it to banish your post Christmas blues. It is possibly the funniest thing on television all year. 

The final is on Sunday and January will only be half over but never fear, there's no need to be down.

The Masters Snooker starts that day......

All together now...



  1. Three words...

    Are you serious???

  2. I'm afraid so. I absolutely love it and I'm gutted ESPN have the evening matches. My little boy is named after a darts player...ha,ha.... true! xx