Friday, 4 November 2011

The One with the Leaving Meal

That's it!

I've finally and officially left work.

Last night was my long awaited leaving meal and now I should have, what the Americans call, "closure".

I had a wonderful time. We ate spicy Mexican food, I downed three large glasses of Pinot Grigio and most importantly I enjoyed the fabulous company of a select and loyal band of, not just former work colleagues, but true friends.

But do I have "closure"? 

I couldn't honestly tell you. I'm not sure I'll ever know. 

Some things I do know though. 

I know I don't drink much anymore and I'm taking antibiotics (which I checked I could drink with at the last minute) , Covonia and paracetamol for my sore throat, bad sinuses and chest so I was off my tits on one glass of wine. By glass number three I was feeling no pain at all. The pain came this morning with a thumping headache and Oscar and the boy vying for my attention at 6.30 am!

I know I now have the leaving card I craved for, with messages of good luck on and something for me to keep and treasure forever.

I know that despite everything I'm very lucky to be given this opportunity to finally do something I've always wanted to. 

I know I'm more than lucky to have the boy. 

I know everything will be all right.

I know so much has changed and will change in the next year.

I know that I made amazing friends in the 13 and a half years with my old company and I always seem to have a hangover when I've been out with them.

Closure or no closure let's hope that's one thing that never changes.........

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