Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The One With the Bunting

I'm a bit in love with my bunting!

I think bunting everywhere has been the best bit of this Jubilee weekend. It's just so... cheery.

We've had rain, wind, sun, more rain, choirs and orchestras in the rain, people floating down the Thames in the rain and the Duke of Edinburgh giving himself a bladder infection by not going for a wee in the rain!

Amazingly we've had a massive open air concert in the glow of the evening sunlight so no singing in the rain (or the sound of someone scratching their nails down a blackboard in the case of Cheryl - I used to be Cole but now I'm not)  but pretty much everything else was in the rain.

We're very good at it in Britain. We've got used to it. Picnics in the rain, BBQ's in the rain, street parties in the rain - you name it and we've done it... in the rain.

So for your outdoor activities you need a study water proof bunting. Plastic and tied on tight to withstand the gale force winds so associated with June and the height of our British Summer. 

Flaming June! Yeah flaming rain in June.

But the bunting I bought was cardboard that I'd picked up in Sainsburys which I thought was pretty. Which indeed it is. 

So because I'm British and we are not to be defeated in such matters as mere inclement weather,  I've hung it up inside! 

And do you know what? 

I'm keeping it up all summer long. For the Euro championships and the Olympics. So I can keep this feeling of national pride and cheery optimism going whatever the weather.

So keep your bunting up good people of Britain and lets keep this lovely atmosphere of national pride going for a bit longer.

We don't care that the country is broke we're British and we've got our bunting up!

And keeping your bunting up doesn't cost anything does it! 

Until the bastards decide to tax it that is.....

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