Monday, 9 April 2012

The One With Easter

Keep Easter special I say.

And by that I don't just mean, the shops should shut on Easter Sunday.

By special I mean keep it simple.

What I love about Easter time, apart from the beginning of spring and it is often my birthday, is that it doesn't hold any of the pressures and work of Christmas. You get four days off to spend with friends and family but without having to send cards, buy presents or decorate your house up within an inch of it's life.

And so it should remain. 

Adverts on TV may be telling you that the Easter bunny is chain-sawing a hole in all his baskets to cram a board game in and shops may be trying desperately to get us to send each other cards and trim up with chicks, lambs and bunnies, but I prefer a much more traditional Easter.

And that means chocolate!

So on a rainy Easter Sunday with Nanny P and on an even rainier Easter Monday with me, the boy has been helping us make a craft challenge from Tesco Online Magazine. 

And it's due to the very simplicity of Easter that we have lots of lovely time to do things like this.

So with card, glue, glitter, bunny and chick sprinkles, crayons and coloured paper, not to mention chocolate eggs, buttons and a Thomas the Tank Engine cupcake we set to work.

Here's our efforts to cheer a couple of grey but not so miserable days.

Long may Easter be simple and special.

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Here here couldn't agree more - much prefer Easter to Christmas for all the reasons you write about above.