Friday, 17 February 2012

The One Where Every Little Helps

My little old blog has gone national this week! 

No. Not just national. International.

No. Not just International.


Can you tell I'm excited?

Well Tesco is a global phenomenon, and when they tracked me down on Twitter to ask me about doing a guest blog post for their online magazine, I was astounded and shocked.

How on earth did they find me?

Turns out they had read my blog and really enjoyed it, especially my previous post on Zumba classes which they found (and I quote) "hilarious" !

I then traded e-mails with a lovely lady called Tara who helped me shape and define my initial draft into the piece you can click on and read below

As my blog has gone on I know people are reading it, after all I do study my stats probably just that little bit too much, but it's good to be reminded of the fact. 

Some of you lovely people even leave comments either on here on on my Facebook page or on Twitter. Yet it's hard to imagine anyone is actually reading my random ramblings. Let alone enjoying them so much they want to get me to write some more for them.

I was enormously flattered and can't wait to do another piece for them soon. If they'll have me!

After all when it comes to spreading my randomness - every little helps!


  1. Nice corporate line at the end there :)

  2. How could I not quote the famous catch phrase? It's a writers dream...

  3. Well done you.... it all has to start from somewhere so why not tescos...